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Gum treatment (periodontology) provides the treatment of your gum diseases 

With this treatment method, you can make your gums, which protect and hold the teeth, healthy again.

What treatments are included in gingival treatment?

Gum treatment is performed with surgical procedures such as detertrage, curettage and deep curettage. With these procedures, sick and inflamed gingival tissues and bacteria causing diseases are cleaned.

Why is gum treatment important ?

70% of tooth loss is due to gum disease. The health of your gums is very important for you to have your own natural teeth for many years.

What should be considered in the treatment of gums?

Gum bleeding and bad breath are the first signs of gum disease.

Early diagnosis and early intervention always lead to better results.

What should be considered when choosing a physician and clinic?

This treatment method, which affects the general health of the patient, should be preferred by dentists who have proven their experience in surgical procedures with complications, receive continuous training, are experts in their fields, and clinics that provide the appropriate treatment environment.

Your health is worth it

Since diseases in the mouth can seriously affect your quality of life, a dental surgeon should be consulted without delay in cases that require surgical treatment. It's all worth it for your health.

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Wolfgang Willutzki (Hausdent Kundenbetreuung Deutschland)


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